Sync is here

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writr is extremely excited to announce the release of a new version with stimulating new features that can help take your reflection further. We have reached significant milestones with the passionate contribution of our dedicated team. Data storage and snapped mode Over the past few months writr has made significant improvements in order to better […]

FREE writr to get you started

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An exciting year ahead of us, we are hyped for 2015! It is another wonderful year and we are excited to help you grow and see you become stronger individuals in every essence of your being. This year, we look forward to reach out to even more people and show how reflecting on oneself can […]

Snap and Sync

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Here is what we’ve been busy working on. We’ve had a lot of requests for cross-device synchronisation and this has been our number one priority for some time however, before we could bring synchronisation into the app, we were first required to release a major update, which was improving writr’s data storage structure. Whilst our […]

7 Effective ways to reflect for personal growth

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7 effective ways to reflect for personal growth Time is like flowing water, it slips through your fingers without you even realising it. And, at times, you find yourself looking back trying to figure out how the course of your life changed; pondering on what you could have done better.  Journal writing is one way […]

First steps with writr

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When we first set out to create writr, we were looking at building a digital journal that would be simple, beautiful and intuitive. Our main point of difference, as we saw it, was being on the Windows Store rather than iOS or Android. It’s fair to say that the initial reaction to writr was underwhelming. […]

Keep it for yourself

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I read something today that resonated strongly with me, and I wanted to write something brief to iterate and emphasise its message. What I read was; Four different tests of 63 people found that those who kept their intentions private were more likely to achieve them than those who made them public and were acknowledged […]