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Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Our Journey | 2 Comments

An exciting year ahead of us, we are hyped for 2015!

It is another wonderful year and we are excited to help you grow and see you become stronger individuals in every essence of your being. This year, we look forward to reach out to even more people and show how reflecting on oneself can change the perspective on life. And in order to do so we are taking some major steps. The writr team has been dedicatedly working on additional features that would help add value to your experience in a number of ways.

We will be introducing the premium version of writr and the distinguished features of this version are synchronization across devices and cloud backup. These are just the start to a number of innovative and exciting features that we will be unraveling as we progress through the year. The great part about this is that our existing customers will get these features FREE on both Windows tablet and PCs .

It is also important to note that, we will be introducing the frequently asked questions (FAQ) feature to you very soon. We realize it has taken us longer than we anticipated, including this feature. Therefore we want you to know that we deeply appreciate your patience and endless support throughout this period.  Our team is small but we are determined to provide you with the necessary requirements to enhance this experience.

As all of you are aware, prompts are one of our key assets. . Our main objective by the introduction of prompts was to fulfill our vision of helping people build better lives. Therefore, we are delighted with the amount of positive feedback that we have received on this feature; it has been satisfying to see how the use of prompts and reflection have added value to so many people’s lives.  Now we can proudly say that we are achieving our vision.

Lastly, such positive association has allowed us to take a bold step and we are extremely excited to announce that the trial version of writr will be made unlimited. This means that the basic features of writr with 100 free prompts will be available for your use, and you only need to purchase writr if you need to make use of the premium features, which also includes regular prompt updates.

We will get back to you soon with more exciting news! .

We also would like to say that writr would not have gotten this far without your support. Thank you for believing in writr and sharing the same vision as us.

  • Nathan Weaver

    Very cool! Highly appreciated. Can’t wait for the upgrade and new features.

  • writr App

    Thanks. We appreciate your participation in making writr better for people. We thought you may be interested in capturing your wish list for writr in space we have created for people like yourself. We’ll officially launch it next week. We would love to hear from you.