Snap and Sync

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in Our Journey | 4 Comments

Here is what we’ve been busy working on.

We’ve had a lot of requests for cross-device synchronisation and this has been our number one priority for some time however, before we could bring synchronisation into the app, we were first required to release a major update, which was improving writr’s data storage structure.

Whilst our developers were hard at work restructuring writr’s back end preparing it for synchronisation, our designers also tackled their own upgrade. They have been busy implementing a handy little feature known as snapped mode — something we know at least a few of you will appreciate.


And for those of you who are not familiar with snapped mode, let me start by saying that it will help you take multi tasking to a whole new level. Snapped mode allows you to dock one application to the left while you attend to another without the difficulties of chaotic overlapping screens. For instance you can have writr open at the same time as mywritr and maybe even an additional few more apps depending on your screen size.

In order to prepare writr for full synchronisation, we had to overhaul the data format to be more efficiently structured. This doesn’t just mean that we’re now able to add synchronisation — it also means that the application will be far more responsive with quicker load times and smoother transitions.

When you download writr’s latest update, the app will take a moment or two to upgrade your entries to the new storage format. Please make note of the fact that your old archive backups will not work any longer with the data format , therefore please ensure that you have all the entries you want migrated and loaded into Writr before downloading the latest update.

Even though we have been testing the compatibility of these changes on every device possible, there always is the chance that it might not work with some of them. Therefore you should be informed that Joos does receive a beating (medium style) every time a bug report arrives, but do not let that concern you. Please keep on reporting and communicating with us if you have any problems with the automatic data upgrade or any other issue so that we can improve and fix them to the best of our capabilities.

  • Nathan Weaver

    Good news on the snapped view. In the least, we can now snap music next to writing journal entries, eh? Can’t wait for the sync feature to hit.

  • writr App

    We’re almost there with testing our alpha version of sync feature. We hope to deliver beta version to our customers very soon. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience.

  • Nathan Weaver

    Do you have a beta version of the app users test? If so, I beta test apps all the time and wouldn’t mind helping out.

  • writr App

    Would love you to test the beta version. Will be in touch as soon as it is ready.