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writr is extremely excited to announce the release of a new version with stimulating new features that can help take your reflection further. We have reached significant milestones with the passionate contribution of our dedicated team.

Data storage and snapped mode

Over the past few months writr has made significant improvements in order to better cater to our users. Improving writr’s data storage allows us to take bolder steps and further enhance the writr experience. Alongside this we also implemented snapped mode, which will help our users multitask more efficiently.


Synchronization has been a frequent request and we are truly elated to finally be able deliver this feature. This means our users can maintain flow and take writr wherever they go, across multiple devices without dropping a beat! New prompts are also included with synchronisation, allowing us to include even more challenging and reflective prompts to invoke new thoughts, something we know a lot of our users will appreciate and enjoy.

In-app communication

The writr team strongly believes in communicating with our users. Interacting with those who share the same value as us ultimately helps us to deliver a better experience which meets our user’ expectations. This relationship is so valuable to us, that we have included a handy feature that will enable in-app communication. This will make it easier for users to give us feedback while at the same time making it convenient for writr to reach users more swiftly: Posting announcements and sharing valuable content more regularly.

writr Labs

writr Labs is another exciting addition that we are truly hyped about. writr Labs is a testing ground for users to try out beta features that are scheduled for future releases. What is so important about this, is that it will enable users to have a say in the direction and development of writr.

The 7 categories of life

We have been working on introducing the 7 categories of life for a while now, and the moment has finally arrived! Experts believe that a person can achieve a truly balanced lifestyle by keeping the 7 core areas of their lives in focus. This means diving deeper into our very being and exploring areas such as: Our aspirations, finances, physical and mental well‑being, spirituality and time management. The categories focus on these aspects accordingly and will help users reflect and keep track of how these elements shape their lives, guiding them to make more mindful decisions, helping them grow.

New prompts page

Finally, we have also taken an entirely new approach to what was known as the today screen, aptly renaming it as the prompts screen – fully embracing the new prompts and their categories, providing users an intuitive, holistic view of possible areas for exploration. The prompts screen has been designed with our users in mind, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable experience across the product.

  • Mauricio B. Holguín

    This is Great! Thanks for the hard work guys.